Hot Food Lunches

We at Freshtoday are delighted to announce our new delicious hot food menu. Freshly prepared in our purpose-built facilities in Rathnew, Co. Wicklow, the service offers a monthly rotational menu prepared by a team of highly trained chefs. Our hot food menu is available for both secondary and primary school students. Here’s how:

Secondary School Service

We can cater for schools both large and small. While larger schools are fitted with custom-made and managed kitchens, our novel delivery system allows us to provide hot meal options to all students regardless of their school size and/or location. We also offer an opportunity for schools who receive our cold lunches to switch to a hot school option. If you would like more information on this please email

Primary School Service

Since 2018, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection have introduced funding for hot school pilots in primary schools across Ireland. Our service provides these hot meals, perfectly portioned and created with primary school children in mind. To see if you qualify for the service, please contact