Save Our Skin

Every day, we hear the media declare the need for a war on single use plastic. This is something we here in Fresh Today are working hard to remove from our company and are busy researching novel, effective ways to ensure all lunches retain their freshness, without the need for plastic packaging.

However, there is also a very serious rescue mission underway in Fresh Today and we need your help! This is a mission that we believe is just as deserving in an effort to save our planet.

Our bananas are in desperate need of saving.

Believe it or not, a banana is actually a berry which is jam packed with nutrients. A banana helps your bones grow stronger, keep your heart healthy and even help keep you in a good mood! What’s more, we Irish love them – In one week alone, 4.4 million bananas are shipped into Irish ports to be delivered to our door and that of supermarkets nationwide.

Unfortunately, for every banana that makes it to our door, 2 more never get the chance to board the ship. Poor bananas, that are perfectly nutritious in every way, are being dumped simply because of how they look. If a banana is too long or too short, too bendy or too straight, farmers dump them, as they know that people will not buy them – just because of how they look!

Not only that, for those bananas lucky enough to be the ‘right’ shape or size to make it home in a shopping bag, many are then dumped for not being the ‘right colour’. Every day, people the world over, dump beautiful bananas, just because of the colour of their skin. Being a banana is hard work.

At Fresh Today, we work so hard to ensure that our bananas look perfect, so that all the boys and girls eat the fruit and receive the nutrients needed for their growth and development. We have a special room just for bananas – it holds them at the correct temperature, so that the banana in your lunch box looks like you expect a banana to look like.

But now we are taking a stand. We believe that we are simply making a sad situation worse. By teaching children that a banana is only good enough if it looks a certain way, we only increase the number of bananas binned by farmers around the world, simply because of how they look and it is time to take a stand!!

Will you join us in the revolution? Get in touch with any ideas you have on how we can win the war with waste. Help Save Our Skins – it’s what’s on the inside that counts!